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A comprehensive vehicle recovery service throught the country with 24 call out attendance. Distance is no object for collection or delivery of vehicles. Pick up and delivery to multiple sites available at short notice 24/7!

Contaminated fuel drains a speciality distance and time no object.



078333 10219

Cheshire Vehicle Recovery
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01925 594 277

Fuel Tank Drainage


Put the wrong fuel in your tank? - it happens many times more than you may think!


Every year more than 100,000 motorists put the wrong fuel in their car – petrol in diesel engines or vice versa.
Cheshire Vehicle Recovery have a swift and reliable fuel drain system to remove incorrect fuels from car, van & truck tanks including safe disposal of the contaminated fuel.
  • Empty fuel tanks cost motorists much time, delayed journeys, traffic hold ups and can damage fuel systems when running 'dry'. 
  • Fill up at the start of your journey and have an idea of your vehicles consumption to plan service/petrol station refills and rest stops..


Call out's to any locations for fuel contamination drainage and refills. call: 01925 594 277 or
Mobile 078333 10219

Or e-mail:

Recovery Exchange recommend for bad and wrong fuel drains water oil or diesel in petrol petrol in diesel by mistake - CALL WRONG FUEL REMOVAL to come and get you going again!

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